Celebrity Eclipse Welcomes Qsine Restaurant

Celebrity Cruises' Celebrity Eclipse is unveiling the newest, and most innovative, member of its dining roster. Qsine will join the ranks alongside Tuscan Grille, Blu, Murano and Silk Harvest.

The menu, designed by Chef Jacques Van Staden, prides itself on giving unique twists to your usual fare. Staden's motto: "Make the ordinary, unordinary."

On the menu:
Sushi Lollipops - Nigiri sushi with soy center, wasabi mayonnaise and pickled ginger-radish salad.
Meatball Trilogy - Kobe beef with ceddar and marinara sauce; veal with mushrooms and marsala sauce; and turkey with cranberry and sage gravy.
Chitinis - chinese selections served in martini glasses.
Tresviche - tiger shrimp and bay scallops with lemon juice, tequila, cilantro, tomatoes and japaleno oil.
Popcorn Fish Chips - Boddington's-battered codfish and chips served with malt vinegar or aioli.
Slider Party - mini-grilled Kobe beef patties with aged Wisconsin cheddar served on brioche buns with "Qsine's original slider sauce" and garnishes.
Taco Royale - Black Angus sirloin steak, homemade taco shells, caramelized onion-poblano, and do-it-yourself fresh guacamole, with a stone mortar and pestle.
Lava Crab - Alaskan King crab, sweet yellow corn and scallions with Hataifi and Old Bay sauce, served in glasses over heated red stones.

Qsine will be open from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., for a cover charge of $30 per person.

Visit www.celebritycruises.com.

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