CLIA Lists Top Five Reasons to Take a Cruise Vacation

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For Plan a Cruise Month, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is highlighting the benefits of cruising over land travel. According to their 2016 State of the Cruise Industry report, cruise travel is outpacing land-based general leisure travel by 22 percent in the United States.

Five benefits of cruise-based travel versus land-based travel include:

  1. The cruise industry is constantly expanding availability of ports, meaning travelers have more and more access to major cities. Cruising internationally also offers travelers a convenient way of sampling different destinations while negating anxieties about foreign airports, hotels, and transportation. 
  2. A cruise vacation affords travelers a chance to create a trip that is completely customized: a variety of things to do exist both on board and on shore. 
  3. Both ocean and river cruising allow travelers to see exotic and unique destinations. Ocean cruisers can enjoy distant voyages while river cruisers get a chance to sail more intimate spaces. 
  4. A certified cruise travel agent can help travelers through a nearly hands-free planning experience while also lending an ear for questions once onboard. Agents can help travelers maximize their dollars, tailor activities to each guest’s preference, and help discover the best excursions.
  5. Cruising offers travelers a window to the world within their vacation budget thanks to paying in the form of one flat fee.

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