Costa Care Team Arrives in Mahe, Tugs Reach Costa Allegra


Photo courtesy of the Indian Navy

Costa Cruises said that two tugs and a second ocean-going fishing vessel -- in addition to the French-flagged fishing ship Trevignon, which has been towing the cruise ship -- have now reached Costa Allegra.

The Costa statement said Costa Allegra continues to be towed by Trevignon and is maintaining a speed of about 6 knots. At the current speed and with stable weather conditions, it's expected that Costa Allegra will arrive at Mahe, Seychelles, in the early morning on Thursday, March 1.

On Wednesday, Costa expects the arrival of a helicopter to deliver about 400 flashlights and fresh bread to the ship. The line said there is sufficient food and other comfort items on board.
"Also, thanks to the arrival of a small generator delivered by a local Navy ship that is present on site, the ship crew is doing everything possible to make the situation on board more comfortable by trying to restore basic services," the line's statement said.
Early Tuesday afternoon Costa Cruises’ Care Team arrived at Mahe. The group of 14 people is comprised of executives and managers as well as specialized technicians. The team is tasked with providing assistance to the ship, guests and crewmembers when they arrive Thursday in Mahe.
Upon arrival, the Care Team members immediately met with local authorities and those responsible for rescue coordination. The goal was to arrange operational details of guests’ arrival at the island.
Top priority was given to securing necessary accommodations at local hotels and organizing an efficient process for making guests’ travel arrangements. That's important because during the Costa Concordia accident, guests had complained about having to make arrangements themselves and not having Costa staff on site in a timely manner to assist.
Eight members of the Care Team also will board Costa Allegra on Wednesday after transport by a local Navy ship. They will meet guests and discuss travel arrangements and options with them. They will also help the ship’s staff in doing thorough technical inspections.
Two officers from Seychelles Immigration will also board Costa Allegra on Wednesday to facilitate customs procedures.

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