CroisiEurope River Cruises: Building Fleet and Expanding Presence

Left: RV Indochine II // Right: African Dream

CroisiEurope River Cruises is adding a collection of new ships to its fleet. The cruise line is also expanding its presence across Europe, Asia and Africa.


  • The RV Indochine II is a colonial-style ship that will join CroisiEurope’s four existing Mekong vessels. The ship can accommodate 60 passengers in 30 cabins private balconies, a pool, restaurant lounge/bar and sun deck. Beginning August 2017, RV Indochine II will said 11-and 14-day cruises on the Mekong between Siem Reap and Ho Chi Minh City


  • Starting December 2017, CroisiEurope will offer a new and exclusive four-day / three-night cruise-safari on the Chobe and Zambezi rivers. The vessel will have six deluxe suites and two deluxe suites, all with exterior views; a panoramic restaurant, lounge/bar and rooftop terrace. Following the cruise, passengers will stay for 5-days/4 nights in one of two five-star lodges including safaris and a day trip to Victoria Falls


  • Duoro River
    • The MS Miguel Torga is a three-deck ship with a pool and 66 cabins that will accommodate 132 passengers. Beginning April 2017, it will offer eight-day cruises on the “Golden River.” A sister ship of the MS Miguel Torga is already planned for 2019 to increase CroisiEurope’s Douro River feet.
  • Seine River
    • Additionally, the MS Renoir will undergo major renovations to become a premium class ship with modern design. The reinvented ship will boast 55 outward facing cabins with French balconies on the upper deck. Come April 2018, the MS Renoir will be reintroduced to the Seine River
  • Rhone River
    • After this cruising season, the MS Van Gogh will undergo a complete renovation to become a premium class ship. The ship will also offer 55 outward facing cabins with French balconies on the upper deck. Beginning April 2018, the modernized MS Van Gogh will be re-introduced to the Rhone River. 
    • Starting June 2017, the newly renovated MS Douce France II will accommodate 135 passengers in 68 cabins. With state-of-the-art technology, the ship will be reintroduced to the Rhone River fleet.
  • Danube River
    • The MS Symphonie II is a newly renovated premium ship that can accommodate 106 passengers in 54 cabins. Starting in April 2017, the ship will rejoin the fleet exploring the treasures along the Danube River
  • Elbe River
    • The MS Elbe Princess II will be much like the MS Elbe Princess I: open spaces, large picture windows and modern colors. On board amenities include; a vast restaurant, lounge at the stern, and a sundeck. The ship accommodates 90 passengers in 45 outward-facing cabins with French balconies on the upper deck and will sail between Berlin and Prague beginning 2018. 
  • Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea
    • The MS La Belle de l’Adriatique was recently renovated to accommodate 198 passengers in 99 cabins. MS La Belle de l’Adriatique will set sail on the Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea