Cruise Holidays Spurs Mediterranean Expertise

The important Mediterranean cruise and tour market is the focus of Cruise Holidays home-based franchisees (formerly SeaMaster Cruises) who are embarking on a 7-day Mediterranean Cruise to bolster their knowledge of the Mediterranean. The cruise is part of their annual Networking Convention, October 10-17 aboard Celebrity Century out of Barcelona, Spain.

“Two years ago, we organized a destination-focused convention empowering our franchisees to become Alaska experts,” said Cruise Holidays Vice President Mark Schiffner. “It was such a success, with our carefully crafted mix of excursions, expert destination insight and networking, that we felt it was very important to offer the same opportunity in the Mediterranean.”

“According to CLIA, the Mediterranean is in the top two of all cruise destinations that luxury and premium cruisers intend to visit on their next cruise, so it’s important that our franchisees are even more well-versed in what the region has to offer,” said Schiffner.

The theme of this year’s convention is “Become a Mediterranean Expert.” Participants will spend time engaged in organized programming, including general sessions focused exclusively on the Mediterranean, and they will take part in networking and scheduled group excursions. Franchisees will also have time to explore on their own or with the group.

The Western Mediterranean cruise includes ports in Spain, France and Italy. The franchisees will also spend time learning about Eastern Mediterranean geography and culture.

Cruise Holidays stores, which are located in the United States and Canada, will hold their Annual Convention November 2-7, 2009. Due to the home-based franchisees and the stores merged into one brand as of June 2009, they will have one unified convention in future years.

The Cruise Holidays brand currently includes more than 200 storefront and home-based franchisees. Founded in 1984, Cruise Holidays is part of the Travel Leaders Leisure Group division of Travel Leaders Group with approximately 1,500 travel agency locations in the United States and Canada.