Cruise Planners: Top Cruise Trends for 2014 (INFOGRAPHIC)

According to  Cruise Planners - American Express Travel, travelers are customizing their vacation experiences, people are using social media to document their getaways, families are traveling more together and cruise lines are introducing creative ways to entertain guests.

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Here's what’s hot and what’s not for 2014, according to Cruise Planners:

cruise planners cruise trends 2014 infographic

Travel = Technology

What’s hot: Improved technological integration.
What’s not: The feeling of being disconnected.
The travel industry is always ahead of the curve and new smartphone applications make it easy for all travelers to stay connected. From booking travel easily online to checking social media sites through WiFi to streaming movies on airplanes, the travel industry continues to improve communication methods for travelers.

Multi-generational Vacations

What’s hot: Cruising for multigenerational families.
What’s not: Cruising just for Baby Boomers.
We’re seeing more and more families planning multigenerational vacations – and cruises are a popular option. From seasoned travelers to rowdy youngsters; these ships offer room for the whole family and there’s something that will appeal to every age.

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Tapping into a Sense of Adventure

What’s hot: Full-on fun and immersive experiences.
What’s not: Armchair adventure.
While there is an option for leisure travel, it’s more about creating lasting memories and participating in once-in-a-lifetime events. Some travelers are becoming more adventurous and exploring new activities such as rock climbing, skydiving, zip lining and more.

Entertainment Galore

What’s hot: Broadway shows.
What’s not: Las Vegas-style revue shows.
The Great White Way has hit the high seas: Royal Caribbean has “Chicago: The Musical” (Allure of the Seas), “Hairspray” (Oasis of the Seas) and “Saturday Night Fever” (Liberty of the Seas); Norwegian offers “Rock of Ages” and “Burn the Floor” (Breakaway) and, coming in January 2014, “Legally Blonde: The Musical” (Getaway).

Gourmet Dining

What’s hot: Foodies and winos abound.
What’s not: Generic food options and buffets.
Cruises are moving beyond the buffet and basic American fare to offer specialized and unique dining experiences, with international options from Brazilian barbeque to Chinese noodles, and from celebrity restaurants like Geoffrey Zakarian’s Ocean Blue on the Norwegian Breakaway to private Chef’s Tables like those aboard Princess Cruises.

Intimately Exploring New Destinations

What’s hot: River cruises and small ocean ships offering travelers off-the-beaten-path options.
What’s not: Returning to the same destination.
While some might think of the Caribbean as a primary cruise destination, today’s itineraries are truly global. Remote destinations for been there-done that travelers run the gamut from Iceland to Antarctica to the Galapagos. River cruising continues to be on the rise as well, bringing cruisers to the waterways of Europe and Asia and to cities that big ships simply can’t go.

Customizing Your Travels

What’s hot: Traveling with a customized travel itinerary.
What’s not: Being overwhelmed by the immense travel options out there.
With so many travel options, it can be overwhelming for travelers. Using a travel advisor can help ease the process since they can offer special offers, find the best rates and recommend activities and excursions available to suit your travel needs.


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