Great American Steamboat Company Reveals Sales Team


(c) 2011 The Great American Steamboat Company

The Great American Steamboat Company, a new Memphis-based river line has formed its U.S. sales force. The line will re-launch American Queen on the Mississippi and other heartland rivers in 2012.

Travel industry veteran Russ Varvel is the line’s new senior vice president of sales. Given that he previously worked at Delta Queen Steamboat Company with Jeff Krida, the new CEO of the Great American Steamboat Company, it’s not surprising that the new line's field sales force is comprised of many former Delta Queen staffers.
The new sales team includes Rick Adams, covering northern California, the Pacific Northwest and the northern plains east through the Dakotas. Hy Cooper is tapped to cover southern California and the southwestern U.S. Kitty Ruxton will serve agents in the central U.S.; Rick Simonson will cover the southeastern U.S.; and Tom Zlotucha will focus on sales in the northeastern U.S.
New to the industry, Deborah Flautt will serve as the new manager of inside sales, Canada and overseas markets.
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