Great American Steamboat Plans Agent Road Show


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The new Great American Steamboat Company has announced a series of "Southern Brunch" road show events for agents. The new line says it wants to educate travel agents about the line’s new three- to 10-night cruises that begin in April 2012 on Steamboat American Queen.

All agents are eligible, but space is limited and reservations are required. There is no charge to attend. The first event is planned for Chicago on Oct. 4.

Other city events include: Oct. 4 in Chicago, IL; Oct. 7 in New York, NY; Oct. 11 in Houston, TX; Oct. 13 in Dallas, TX; Oct. 17 in Phoenix, AZ; Oct. 19 in Rancho Mirage, CA; Oct. 21 in Costa Mesa, CA; Oct. 24 in Los Angeles, CA; Oct. 26 in San Francisco, CA; Nov. 1 in Tampa, FL; and Nov. 1 in Boca Raton, FL.

Great American Steamboat’s CEO Jeff Krida and President Christopher Kyte will host the brunch events that feature a menu inspired by the line’s Culinary Director Regina Charboneau. While she won’t be doing the cooking, the catering departments for each of the host hotels will replicate a sampling of the types of dishes guests might expect on the line’s new three- to 10-night cruises.

Why these specific cities?

“We want to go where the agents are, and that was the primary driver in picking the cities,” says Tim Rubacky, the new line’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and product development. Rubacky says the line also knows where “the pockets of agents are” that formerly booked a significant number of Delta Queen Steamboat Company and Majestic America Line cruises. 

In addition, the new line picked certain cities because many agents there have either strong niche businesses or are top producers for European river cruise sales.

As for the brunch, the approach isn’t to solely create a seminar, but also a bit of ambience to celebrate the riverboat’s relaunch, according to Rubacky. “We want to give everybody a true flavor of the Steamboat American Queen.”

Rubacky says agents should act quickly to register. He expects 100 or so agents at each session. Sign up at  If a session sells out? “We’ll fulfill that demand with additional dates and shows” as needed, Rubacky says.


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