Luxury Cruise Ship Suffers Engine Failure Near Antarctica

Authorities in Argentina are helping a luxury cruise ship return to port today after it lost power in one of its engines during a patch of rough weather, according to reports from Fox News and USA Today, among others.

The Clelia II was reportedly returning to Ushuaia, Argentina, from Antarctica when a wave caused it to lose the use of one of its engines and cutting off power to the ship. The crew declared an emergency Tuesday when the ship was stranded about 500 miles from its intended destination. No one on the 100-capacity ship was reported injured in the incident.

The Argentine Navy is now accompanying the boat back to port as it progresses at a 5-mile-per-hour pace. The Clelia II is operated by Polar Cruises, and according to the company, is 290 feet long and contains 50 suites.

The ship left on November 30 and was slated to return to port on Wednesday.