MSC Cruises Offers Double Rewards for Travel Agents


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MSC Cruises is offering double rewards points through the MSC Rewards Program on bookings made between May 23 and June 30.

Agents residing in the U.S. can sign up for the MSC Rewards program to earn points on every MSC cruise they book. Agents can redeem these points for cash rewards. The program awards points based on the length of the cruise and number of staterooms sold: one stateroom for a one- to five-night cruise earns 1,000 points; a six- to nine-night cruise earns 2,000 points and a 10-night cruise earns 3000 points. Each 10,000 points earns $100. These points follow travel agents even if the agent switches travel agencies.

In addition to the points system, MSC Rewards offers a progressive commission structure. Agents can earn up to 18 percent commission on the cruise fare as well as 10 percent on pre-booked shore excursions and spa treatments.

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