NCL Redefines Nightlife at Sea


If Norwegian Cruise Line is serious about its stated goal of progressively dismantling the structure, regimentation and constraints of the traditional cruise experience, NCL’s newly revealed vision of nightlife at sea is a winner. From Riviera chic to Vegas flair, passengers on NCL’s F3, Freestyle Cruising ships set to debut in 2010, will get five innovative onboard clubs and unique nightlife.

Colin Veitch, NCL’s president and CEO, launched the new F3 seagoing hotspots at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas during’s 10th Annual Conference. The five venues include the industry’s first true Ice Bar; the POSH Beach Club, for adults only; Halo, the Uber Bar, a private bar and lounge; the Bliss Ultra Lounge, NCL’s all-day entertainment complex with a bowling alley; and SPICE H2O, an adults-only aft pool facility.

“Every experience on board will be unique and like no other,” said Veitch. “F3 won’t have massive void spaces and rooms only used for one thing. What’s particularly unique about these spaces is they will have multiple uses—sunning, bowling, dining and, of course, party playgrounds. There is nothing ordinary about these ships.”

NCL’s Ice Bar, for example, was inspired by Scandinavian ice bars and hotels. It features a bar, walls, tables, stools, glasses and life-size sculptures all made from ice. The Ice Bar will accommodate 25 guests who will be given fur coats, gloves and hats to keep them warm since the room’s temperature will not rise above 17 degrees Fahrenheit, NCL says. NCL also has chic, upscale and one-of-a-kind experiences from other world hotspots, including South Beach, Ibiza, the Riviera and Las Vegas.

NCL’s F3 ships are the company’s third generation of Freestyle Cruising ships. The 150,000-ton ships will each total 4,200 passenger berths, representing the largest ships in NCL’s fleet. Visit

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