New Therapeutic Salt Lounges From Scenic

The new halotherapy lounge aboard two of the Scenic Cruise ships. // Photo courtesy of Scenic Cruises.

Two of the Scenic luxury river cruise brand’s France-based ships, Scenic Diamond and Scenic Sapphire, recently completed major redesigns leading up to new French river cruise itineraries. Renovations include reducing the number of cabins and guest rooms to 78 on the Scenic Diamond and 155 on the Scenic Sapphire (while keeping the same crew count for improved personal service) and the addition of Culinaire—a private cooking emporium where guests can enroll in private cooking lessons. The highlights of the redesigns, however are the ships’ new therapeutic salt lounges.

The three-station salt lounge intends to be a non-invasive way for guests to relax, energize and feel healthier. Handcrafted from salt bricks and humidity and temperature-controlled, the lounge has the micro-climate of a natural salt mine. Its three inclined lounging chairs are separated by light curtains for privacy, and low-lighting and calming music further encourages relaxation. Guests aboard the two ships are free to use the rooms as they wish, spending up to a recommended 45-minutes in the lounge. According to Scenic, the negatively-charged salt ions bear a very high kinetic energy, providing the same refreshing feeling one might experience standing on the beach. The ions are also meant to promote healing, improve respiration and skin conditions and boost the immune system. A customized Aroma Oil Massage follows the lounge experience.

Salt therapy, or halotherapy (“halo” being Greek for salt) has been around for centuries, first discovered by European monks who noticed that ailing respiratory patients that spent their time in natural salt caverns had greater improvement rates.

The French river cruise itinerary choices aboard these two ships range from 8 to 16-days long (longer if land options are selected); the Scenic Sapphire will be sailing along France’s Rhône and Saône Rivers, while the Scenic Diamond will sail the rivers of Bordeaux in southern France. Guests aboard the Bordeaux sailings will visit several wineries, including the 500-year-old Château de Myra. They will also learn about the foie gras at a local farm in Bergerac, and experience chocolate and wine tastings. 

The Scenic Space-Ships offer all-inclusive experiences, including private butler service, unlimited complimentary beverages and spirits, full-size balcony staterooms and Scenic’s unique Sun Lounge technology. There are six dining options on board, and only haircuts and massages cost extra.

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