Poll: Are Potential Cruise Fare Increases Bolstering Business?

We recently asked all of our fans and friends on our Facebook page if the plans by cruise lines to increase prices in April are encouraging clients to book now. Thus far, the answer appears to be yes, as Yvette Nikki Effinger Mullins wrote:

I have had a slight increase on cruise bookings due to the increasing pricing announcement, and I have been filling my group spaces faster as well, as I used that as an incentive to encourage the need to book now versus later.

Shari Smades Kesten concurred, stating:

Yes I have calls everyday for cruise bookings and I am setting up group space now so they can travel later.

What's your opinion? Is cruise business all of a sudden experiencing an uptick? Please vote in our poll to the right and share a comment below. You can also write us on our Facebook page, send us a tweet at our Twitter page and chat in real time at AgentNation. We want to hear from you.

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