Princess Expands "Tie the Knot"

Princess Cruises is expanding its "Tie the Knot at Sea" wedding program to its entire 15-ship fleet. The program launched back in 1998 onboard Grand Princess. Originally, it was only offered on larger ships with formal wedding chapels. Now, however, guests can get married on multiple Princess ships including Dawn Princess, Pacific Princess, Regal Princess, Sea Princess, Sun Princess and Tahitian Princess. Those vessels have been recently re-flagged to Bermudian ship registry. That was necessary because the Bermuda government is the authority under which the marriages are considered legal. Contrary to popular belief, most ship captains on ships of other lines can't simply marry guests at sea; the ship has to be registered in a country that recognizes and provides authority for marriages at sea. Princess' weddings begin at $1,800 for the ceremony plus $450 for registration and license fees. More than 1,000 couples reportedly married at sea on Princess last year.