Quark Expeditions Ship Runs Aground in Antarctica

Quark Expeditions' Ocean Nova has run aground in Antarctica with a total of 105 passengers and crew onboard. The AP is reporting that there were "no risks to the people aboard." The ship ran aground about one mile from the Argentinian San Martin base, having been pushed by "extremely high winds" into craggy rocks, Quark Expeditions' president Patrick Shaw told The AP. 

Shaw further added that "an initial assessment of damage indicated that there was no imminent danger and no threat to lives."

"There is no sign of leakage of any kind from the vessel," the company added.

The ship was the eighth day of a nearly two-week itinerary exploring the polar circle. The cruise left from Ushuaia, Argentina's southernmost city.

Ocean Nova officials informed the San Martin base that the ship should be able to break free on its own as the tide rises.

Inspections of the ship may take some time, but the company wants passengers to be able to continue on their expedition, he said.

The Chilean and Argentine navy have dispatched two vessels to coordinate in the retrieval of  passengers.

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