RiverBarge Halts Operations for 2009

New Orleans-based Riverbarge Excursion Lines Inc. announced during the holidays that it is halting its operations in 2009 as a consequence of rising costs and a low number of bookings. Since 1999, the company offered multi-day trips on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. The vessel's final voyage returned to New Orleans January 2.

In 2008, the R/B River Explorer took passengers on four- to 10-day voyages that traveled to such cities as Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Memphis and Nashville, and Galveston, TX.

In a written statement to travel businesses, RiverBarge said all trip deposits were in an account at the Whitney National Bank, and regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission. “As soon as these funds are made available to us, your refunds will be sent,” it said.

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