SeaDream Gases Up for Incentive

SeaDream Yacht Club is saying "fill-er-up" to agents, rewarding them with a $50 gas card for each booked guest, or a maximum incentive of $100 per stateroom. The new Fillerup Book and Drive incentive is good only for U.S. agents who sell on the following SeaDream voyages: Oct. 27 (SeaDream II, Barcelona-Seville), Nov. 2 (SeaDream I, Malaga-Tenerife), Nov. 3 (Sea Dream II, Seville-Tenerife), Nov. 9 (SeaDream I, Tenerife-Rio), Nov. 10 (SeaDream II, Tenerife-San Juan), Nov. 23 (SeaDream I, Rio de Janeiro-Buenos Aires), Dec. 11 (SeaDream I, Rio-Buenos Aires), Dec. 20 and Feb. 3 (both SeaDream I and II, roundtrip Buenos Aires) and Feb. 21 (SeaDream I, Rio-Barbados). The program runs through Sept. 30. The gas card will be sent to agents along with their commission check at the end of the sailing.