Take a Virtual Tour of the Queen of the Mississippi


American Cruise Lines added now allows visitors to its website to have a glimpse at the company’s newest vessel, the Queen of the Mississippi, a paddlwheeler that offers eight-day river voyages on the Mississippi River and its tributaries, through a new virtual tour. The tour gives visitors a 360-degree look at various staterooms and public spaces aboard Queen of the Mississippi, including the Paddlewheel Lounge and the dining room.

Plans for virtual tours of the line’s other ships are in development. In addition to the virtual tour, American Cruise Lines added various multimedia elements, including maps, images and videos to compliment the descriptions of many of the various U.S.-based itineraries that are offered. 

Queen of the Mississippi begins its second season this March. With a capacity of 150 guests it boasts 300-plus square foot staterooms, sliding glass doors to private balconies,and lounges, which can all be seen in the virtual tour.

For more information, visit www.americancruiselines.com.


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