Tauck Waives Single Supplement on 22 Itineraries


Tauck wants solo travelers to know that it has their backs. Tauck is expanding its annual single traveler program for 2009, either waiving or dramatically reducing the single supplement on 106 departures of 22 land and cruise itineraries in Europe and North America.

According to Tauck, nearly a quarter of the itineraries in the program have had their supplement waived entirely, and the average supplement reduction is 70 percent. This translates into cash savings as high as $3,000, with an average savings of $1,276. 

Itineraries in Tauck's single program include five European river cruises and five “Tauck At Sea” small-ship ocean cruises, including four Mediterranean voyages. Land itineraries include five European journeys in Tauck’s popular “A Week In” collection, and seven trips in the U.S. and Canada.

"The single supplement can be a significant barrier for many solo travelers, and in a tough economy, it can loom even larger," said Tauck CEO Dan Mahar. "We've done our best to reduce it or eliminate it on selected trips and departures for a number of years, but this year our team has gone above and beyond to make sure that solo travelers get the very best value possible with Tauck."

Visit www.tauck.com.

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