Top 10 Ways to Keep Your Figure on a Cruise

A common concern for travelers is not how much they bring with them, but how much they bring back...on the hips and thighs. To help keep away the extra weight that comes with luxury vacation splurges, Crystal Cruises has come up with 10 ways to stay fit aboard Crystal Serenity and Crystal Symphony.

1. If you're not busy practicing your golf swing, walk or jog around the 360-degree promenade deck.
2. Opt for fresh fruit or salads at the Trident Grill. Keep in mind that all dining options are trans fat-free.
3. Instead of heavier dinner foods, dine at Nobu for light and healthy sushi or sashimi.
4. Book time with a private trainer.
5. Take advantage of the complimentary bottles of water.
6. Try an aerobics or yoga class.
7. Pamper yourself with detoxifying body wraps at the Crystal Spa.
8. When the ships dock engage in physical activity like kayaking, hiking or snorkeling.
9. Swim laps in the pool.
10. Rejuvenate your body with onboard acupuncture and shiatsu massages.