Travel Agents React to New Disney Cruise Line Alcohol Policy

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Disney Cruise Line's new alcohol policy, which introduces tighter restrictions as to what guests can bring onboard drew some mixed reactions from travel agents in a recent conversation on our Facebook page

One agent pointed out the move could push some clients to cruise lines that offer lower fares. 

"As a travel agent I know many people justified paying the higher cruise rate by being able to save on their drink bill," said Sean Byndas. "A couple that doesn't even drink that much…can run up a $100 tab per day. I think with Royal, Norwegian and several other cruise lines coming out with newer, bigger and better ships, Disney will be losing business."

Another said that, as a family-focused cruise line, Disney had never been about the alcohol. 

"Disney Cruises preferred not to push liquor sales since it focused on family, that is what I was told by one of our sales managers at one time," said Kristina Wolfe. "It was nice being able to take your own liquor on board and use in cabin at convenience. That was a great bonus for those that wanted to drink on board and not spend a lot of money on the bar bill. I will miss this perk."

At the same time, other agents emphasized that the policy does still allow for guests to bring some alcohol onboard.

"You are still allowed either two bottles of wine or champagne or a six pack of 12 oz. beer cans/bottles…so they are not totally dry," said Janet Kocur.

Under the new policy, starting September 30, guests will be allowed a maximum of two bottles of unopened wine or champagne, or six beers, onboard at the beginning of each trip and at each port of call. Wine and champagne bottles must be no larger than 750 milliliters, and beer bottles must be no larger than 12 ounces. 

No liquor or spirits will be allowed. All alcoholic beverages must be packed in carry-on luggage, not checked. 

Previously, the cruise line had allowed passengers to bring beer and liquor onboard in their carry-on luggage. 

Agents can view the new alcohol policy at

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