Victoria Cruises' Victoria Anna Returns to Yangtze River After Interior Makeover

Victoria Cruises brought the Victoria Anna back into its five-star fleet on China's mist-shrouded Yangtze River after putting the ship through extensive modifications, including complete overhaul of its interior. The Victoria Anna set sail after the redesign with a fresh look and feel featuring new carpeting throughout the ship, updated furniture in suites, and redesigned common areas including the luxurious spa, restaurants, lounges and lobby. The redesigned Victoria Anna has sailed at or near capacity since it soft re-launch a couple of months ago.

The remodel of Victoria Anna included a complete overhaul of common areas. This includes the lobby area, Executive Lounge ,Yangtze Club and a newly installed Karaoke Lounge. The onboard spa was also remodeled to provide upscale passengers with a more luxurious atmosphere.

"Much like our previous renovation projects, the Victoria Anna is an entirely new ship on the interior, maximizing comfort for our passengers and surpassing expectations in terms of ambience," said Larry Greenman, manager of public relations and customer service for Victoria Cruises.

"With the Victoria Anna reintegrated into our fleet, Victoria Cruises remains the undisputed service leader on the Yangtze River with a modern fleet of exclusively five-star vessels featuring lavish amenities and elegant decor," Greenman said.

Victoria Cruises began renovating Victoria Anna last winter, based on the same motifs used in the redesign of Victoria Lianna, Victoria Selina and Victoria Sophia. As an American-managed company adhering to the strictest Western standards, Victoria Cruises retained the same New York-based interior design firm it used for previous renovations.

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