Vocal Opponent to JoyStar Praises Cruise Lines' Decision to Drop Host Agency

Peter Stilphen, CEO of Coral Sands Travel if Labelle, FL, and a consistent critic of JoyStar’s management and business model has spoken out on the action taken by Norwegian Cruise Line and Carnival Cruise Line in dropping Joystar.

“Thank goodness the larger suppliers are beginning to take note of the JoyStar travel agent's sorry situation," Stilphen said. "I hope others like Apple Vacations, Travel Impressions and MSC begin to feel the agent’s pain and do the right thing. The suppliers need to have a plan in effect for the future as to how to handle these situations as other failures will follow in the coming months. I agree with the group planning to boycott many of these suppliers in the future. Suppliers need travel agents and need to understand their problems and work with them in these situations.”

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