Voyages to Antiquity Highlights Minoan, Greek and Cambodian History

Voyages to Antiquity announced several incentives for guests who book sailings to the Mediterranean and the Far East by Feb. 29, 2012

Booking incentives for Mediterranean sailings include free air from more than 60 North American gateways, for all sailings. Stateroom savings up to $1,000 (which vary by category and itinerary) and special single pricing are available on select itineraries:

•    March 18, 2012: Minoan Civilization (Athens to Rome)

•    March 29, 2012: Pompeii is Something so Wonderful (Rome to Venice)

•    April 12, 2012: Venice – My Dream Became my Address (Venice to Istanbul)

•    April 22, 2012 and Aug. 24, 2012: ...All These Begin with Greeks (Istanbul to Athens)

•    May 1, 2012: The Light of Greece (Athens to Athens)

•    May 13, 2012: God Created the Koronati Islands (Athens to Venice)

•    May 25, 2012: The Grand Tour (Venice to Cannes)

•    June 8, 2012: Italy from Designs by Michelangelo (Cannes to Venice).

Incentives for India and Far East cruises include stateroom savings of up to $1000; air add-ons for the Far East winter program are from $595. Applicable voyages include:

•    Nov. 13, 2012: The Wonders of India and the Maldives (Delhi to Colombo)

•    Nov. 24, 2012: Burma and the Malay Peninsula (Colombo to Singapore)

•    Dec. 5, 2012 and Feb. 15, 2013: Singapore and Burma – Lands of Contrast (Singapore to Singapore)

•    Dec. 17, 2012: The Jewels of Southeast Asia and Angkor Wat (Singapore to Bangkok)

•    Dec. 27, 2012: Highlights of Vietnam and Cambodia (Bangkok to Hong Kong)

•    Jan. 11, 2013: Bali, Borneo and the Islands of Indonesia (Hong Kong to Bali)

•    Jan. 21, 2013: Bali to Bangkok and Beyond (Bali to Bangkok)

•    Feb. 1, 2013: Angkor Wat and the Jewels of Southeast Asia (Bangkok to Singapore)

•    March 6, 2013: Passage to Sri Lanka and India (Singapore to Delhi)

Guest lecturers and speakers, including those from the Archaeological Institute of America, will be available to complement. Regional foods and wines further immerse guests in the destinations visited.


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