Windjammer Cruises Releases Statement

Amid canceled cruises, stranded passengers and disgruntled staff and crew, Windjammer Barefoot Cruises finally surfaced from being incommunicado, posting a statement on its web site ensuring the tall-ship line is doing everything it can to stay afloat. "We are actively working with several investor groups on a viable plan to continue the Windjammer tradition," reported Danny Walsh, the grandson of Windjammer founder Captain Burke. It was reported last week that Miami-based Jerry Ceder, who was part of an investor group seeking controlling interest in the line, slapped a lawsuit on Windjammer claiming the cruise line had violated terms of an agreement by negotiating with other parties. Meanwhile, Windjammer reports that as of last Friday, outstanding debts were paid to shipboard staff and arrangements were now underway to restart cruises in the Caribbean and Costa Rica. (DE)

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