A Gorier NYC Tour

Everyone loves a good Mafia story, and New York City is full of them. From the Gottis to the Sopranos, NYC offers a host of Mafia tours. But beginning next month John Ciarcia is launching a gorier twist on NYC Mafia tours: hit sites.

The Daily News writes, "Ciarcia's bus tour of blood-soaked Manhattan will be the first of its kind, say organizers, who were surprised by the lack of competition."

In addition to pointing out locations where mobsters have been sent to sleep with the fishes, the tour will include newsreels and film clips showing the way the locations once looked.

Ciarcia plans to charge $50 per person for a two-hour bus tour, which will depart from Ciarcia's Mulberry Street cafe, Bocca al Lupo, and will continue through Little Italy to midtown and back.

Visit www.nycmobtour.com.