Abercrombie & Kent Promotes Kenya Tourism in New York

NEW YORK- Travel Agent was on location for an event to celebrate tourism to Kenya. Held in Rockefeller Plaza, and open to the public, tour operator Abercrombie & Kent was present to promote their Extreme Adventures Division, which includes an itinerary to Kenya.

We were told that these excursions are popular options for travelers celebrating milestone events, say a 50th birthday; as well as groups. Representatives for the company say agents have planned trips from a custom basis in the past, but agents may use the planning itineraries as a starting point to learn more about a destination. Representatives were also present from the Kenya Tourist Board, who said that, due to political turmoil, the first quarter of the year was tough but numbers are again beginning to climb. This past July, the country welcomed 10,000 U.S. travelers, only a slight drop in comparison to the 11,000 that time the previous year. Representatives were also quick to note that with the current state of the economy, a visit to Kenya is a less expensive option than a trip to Europe