Acapulco International Convention Center Closes Temporarily

The Acapulco International Convention Center, located in the heart of the destination's celebrated hotel zone, recently announced a temporary closing of the facility. The closing, which officially occurred on November 30, will allow for an extensive remodeling and renovation project.

The center is actively seeking new investors in order to fully upgrade and renovate the facility to meet the changing needs of the meetings community. The convention center will temporarily reopen in April 2010 in time to host Tianguis Turistico taking place from April 25-28, 2010.

"The re-launch of the Acapulco Convention Center will further promote the ‘new’ Acapulco and reposition the Golden Zone as a contemporary and modern destination," said C. Ernesto Rodriguez Escalona, secretary of tourism development, in a written statement. "The new convention center will be equipped to compete with other national and international tourist destinations and create additional economic opportunities for Acapulco."