Acapulco Reaches Out at Cruise Shipping Miami

acapulcoFrom March 16-19, Acapulco will participate in the 31st edition of Cruise Shipping Miami in order to promote its services, off-shore experiences, and showcase its improved infrastructure, the destination said in a release. 

At the end of 2014, Acapulco announced the return of 10 ships from Norwegian Cruise line (NCL) for 2015’s cruising season. Each ship is able to transport roughly 3,000 passengers for a total arrival rate of 30,000 tourists, a venture anticipated to impact the port’s economy and add yet another source of connectivity for international travelers. Tourists are projected to spend approximately $3.6 million dollars when exploring the area while off the ship. Recent developments in the cruise segment also include the arrival of the transatlantic Artania, carrying more than 1,000 passengers, marking the first-time visit of a German ship to the port. The New Year kicked off with the arrival of Silver Spirit from the V-Ship Line on January 17, the first of 14 arrivals programmed for 2015. Acapulco welcomed the boat with a special show at La Quebrada, one of the port’s key attractions.

“Revitalizing the cruise industry and showcasing Acapulco’s many opportunities for tourists has been a top priority,” said Pedro Haces, president of the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office.

A Local Cruise Committee composed of the State of Guerrero’s Tourism Ministry, the Municipal Tourism Ministry, Acapulco’s Destination Marketing Office, port authorities, DMC operators, Federal Police and Public Safety was created as part of Acapulco’s internal strategy to ensure that cruise travelers have a pleasant and safe experience during their visit.