Acapulco Readies for 2013

Travel Agent attended a luncheon last week with the Acapulco Destination Marketing Office, where we got the scoop on what's going down in this Mexican destination.

Mexico as a whole welcomes more than 20 million visitors each year, with nine million visitors heading to Acapulco. Eighty percent of these are domestic tourists, while 20 percent are international. 

With safety in Mexico always a concern for travelers, the government of the State of Guerrero, of which Acapulco is a part, has launched a multi-million peso investment by both the State and Federal government within the police force as well as a new program called Guerrero Seguro. Though there have been no reports of incidents in which American or Canadian tourists have been the targets of violent crime, travelers can rest assured that part of this investment was designated for the use in the purchase of new police equipment and training. 

Approximately $200 million will be invested in the renovation of infrastructure in the main tourist zone in downtown Acapulco. This includes the completion of the Escenica Avenu and a macrotunnel, which will connect the Navy Base-Playa Icacos to the Diamond Zone. 

Both Icacos and El Palmar beaches have received the Clean Beach certification by the National Certification Institute of Mexico. 

Future projects include the creation of a Center for Biodiversity, a recreation center for the Caleta and Caletilla beach areas, inclusive of an entertainment center, movie theater, gourmet market and traditional zocalo.