Air France, Delta And KLM Introduce Joint Sales Contracts Across Europe

In a press release, Delta Air Lines, its joint venture partner Air France and KLM announced that they are introducing joint sales contracts for trade and corporate partners across Europe effective this month. These contracts will ensure commercial efficiency across the region between the three airlines and corporate clients, and are a key milestone in the progress of the joint venture agreement, which sees Air France and Delta share costs and revenues across the transatlantic.

"The contract provides a single point of contact, ensuring efficient and consistent contract maintenance and handling for all parties," Frank Jahangir, vice president sales EMEA for Delta Air Lines, said. "Currently our three carriers operate 710 weekly frequencies on the transatlantic, all of which will be included in this single agreement. All carriers will assist the main point of contact, ensuring that our trade partners are provided with specialist expertise and in-depth knowledge of the competitive landscape within all major traffic areas.”

Over the past years, Air France and Delta Air Lines have established a strong alliance relationship. Air France and KLM merged in 2004; KLM and Northwest Airlines established a transatlantic joint venture in 1998; Air France and Delta Air Lines established a transatlantic joint venture in April 2008 and Delta merged with Northwest Airlines in November 2008, under the single name of Delta.

“We envisage to soon integrate the transatlantic operations into a three-party joint venture,"  Jahangir continued. "A key step along this path was made in 2008 with the decision of the U.S. Department of Transportation to grant Air France, Delta and KLM antitrust immunity on transatlantic routes. With the award of antitrust immunity, we are now able to offer a number of efficiencies, with the single contract being an example of this, to our trade and commercial partners across Europe.”