American Samoa Copes Post-Tsunami

Following yesterday’s 8.0 magnitude earthquake and the resulting tsunami, a large portion of American Samoa is without water and power. At the present time at least 110 people have been confirmed dead.  Damage is reportedly widespread but several relief organizations are making headway in delivering supplies and support to victims.

The Red Cross currently has several volunteers distributing food and supplies, with a team of 50 volunteers being sent to supplement their efforts.  World Vision is also working to distribute things like personal hygiene items, clothing, and first aid supplies, and AmeriCares is responding with medical aid to injured survivors.

"We will get there as quickly as we can with what we can," said Joe Becker, senior vice president for Red Cross Disaster Services. "Our first priority is to provide food, water and needed supplies."

Because communication lines are still down in the region, the Red Cross is urging survivors to register on its “Safe and Well” website at to share their status with loved ones.

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