Amorous in Africa

What better time is there to find a sexy destination than your honeymoon? And while an exact definition of a "sexy destination" can be elusive, some of the components of sex appeal include:

  • 1. There's something new and fresh about the destination;
  • 2. It's profoundly alluring and attractive to a great many people; and
  • 3. It is currently in vogue.
Forget Niagara Falls... for the ultimate in romance, Victoria Falls takes the cake.

Companies that sell travel to Africa say that the continent is all these things, and can hardly be beaten as a choice for a newlywed couple's special trip. For some couples, more familiar romantic spots may spring to mind, but other travelers say Africa might be the most romantic and—dare we suggest it?—sexiest destination of all.

Why? For one thing, says Lucille Sive, president of Lion World Tours, "it's a very hot destination right now. It's on most people's lists of places they'd like to travel to." Her company has specialized in providing vacations to the southern parts of Africa for more than 40 years. And why has Africa made it to so many people's lists? There are a few things, but mainly, she suggests, "it's the idea that it's a new place to go—that it's so different." Cape Town in South Africa appeals to honeymooners who want to do more than lie on the beach.

This may be particularly true for a honeymoon, which traditionally consists of going someplace beautiful and warm, and lazing about on a beach for a week, eating rich food and drinking colorful alcoholic creations. And although it's true that you can certainly find these elements in a trip to Africa—Sive talks affectionately about the many and fabulous beaches and islands that can be found in Mozambique, which is located in Africa's southeast—most people, especially honeymooners, take "at least two or three days" on safari in search of the exotic creatures and distinctive wide-open spaces that can only be found in Africa.

This is where a tour company can come into the picture, Sive says; many honeymooners in other places more or less stay put, but those who choose Africa for their trip often opt to move around. If you choose Africa as your honeymoon destination, you'd typically go on safari, and also visit Cape Town in South Africa. If you like beaches, you'd probably opt to head to Mozambique. For many, a not-to-be-missed Africa experience is visiting Victoria Falls, the mile-wide natural wonder on the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia. Table Bay offers up its romance with a dramatic flair.

Uniquely Africa

There are other things about Africa that are distinctively romantic, and these things, Sive says, are where its sexiness really lies. Couples can take a romantic balloon ride, as they do in many destinations. But where else could they look down and see giraffes and zebras? It's only in Africa that couples can take an elephant-back safari through the bush at sundown. "You can see all kinds of wildlife all around you, but the elephants are so quiet, you can hardly hear a sound," Sive says.

There's also that sense of ultimate exclusivity, which may also be another important part of sexiness. In Botswana, couples can get a honeymoon suite that's totally away from everyone else: a "luxury tent" that Sive says is just like a five-star hotel that happens to have canvas walls. And in case you were wondering, yes, it can have an en-suite bathroom.

That might actually be the sexiest part of it all. When you and your beloved are outside in your private bathtub in the African savannah, gazing at the stars and dreaming all those wonderful dreams of the life you have ahead, you may not have to think too hard about what's sexy and what isn't. In all likelihood, you'll just know.

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