April Arrivals Numbers for Pacific Asia Region

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) has released its international visitor arrivals numbers into the Asia/Pacific destinations for April 2011.

The figures mentioned reflect a year-on-year increase for the month of 6.8 percent, generating an additional 1.8-million arrivals.

April 2011 number are showing that arrivals to South Asia surged by 24 percent. Sri Lanka is up 67 percent, Nepal up 34 percent, Maldives up 32 percent and India up 18 percent.

Southeast Asia showed international arrivals up 15 percent. Thailand arrivals rebounded by 35 percent, considering the violence that took place in April 2010. Vietnam showed growth of 22 percent, Myanmar showed 21 percent, Singapore reflected 17 percent and Cambodia showed 11 percent.

Northeast Asia was a big sluggish behind the rest of the continent, in light of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The overall region showed a growth of 4 precent, with a sharp decline of 63 percent with arrivals to Japan. The rest of the region proved positive. China was up 4 percent, Hong Kong was up 20 percent, Korea was up 3 percent and Macau was up 11 percent.

Visit www.pata.org.

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