ARC Network Provides Information Via the Bloomberg L.P. Financial News Terminal

ARC, the premier provider of sales and settlement solutions for the travel and hospitality industry, announced on April 17 that its presence on the Bloomberg L.P. financial news terminal would increase.

Delivering additional aggregated data about purchased airline tickets in the U.S., ARC is providing Bloomberg subscribers with information regarding airline ticket transactions to help make insightful business decisions.

ARC offers various data points on the Airline dashboard page for monthly ticket transactions, including total transactions and airfares for travel agencies in the corporate, non-corporate, and online space, all dating  back to 2008.  

Other presented data include monthly average airfares and total transactions for premium (business and first class) and non-premium (economy) tickets for domestic U.S. travel and from the U.S. to Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, Australia/South Pacific, Canada and Mexico.

Visitors to ARC's page will also be able to learn about the company's data services and products, including AeroTrend, a comprehensive and interactive tool helping financial analysts and consultants evaluate the airline industry and create more accurate forecasts.

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