Avianca Launches New Digital Experience for Disabled Clients

In order to provide its clients with a better experience when contacting the airline and the latest digital trends, Avianca has renewed its digital platform making it accessible and inclusive.

In line with world digital trends, the airline now offers an accessible platform for people with disabilities. Avianca’s website is now compatible with assistive technologies, as well as software for visual, hearing and/or cognitive aids, offering different ways to access online content. Now you can navigate the website using the keyboard, in addition to the mouse.

The traveler’s digital experience will also have a new graphic interface, contents and simpler functions. With the tools most used by travelers to prepare a trip in mind, the airline implemented improvements to the online purchase process and web check-in, including friendlier icons, a clearer and simpler content.

With the graphic renewal, users will make their purchases in fewer steps and continuously see the status of their operation, which allows knowing the cost step by step and not until the end, as well as viewing error alerts when incorrect data is entered. Clients may access the website in Spanish, English and Portuguese, and acquire their tickets in the currency of the issuing country.

On top of the new web experience, users will have new digital tools such as the Avianca App, available for iOS and Android. In addition to making purchases, travelers can access information and services in real time.

As a complement to the service chain, the airline also offers more comfortable communication and service channels for travelers: social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and online support through the webpage.