Avianca, Taca Airlines Transport Roughly 13 Million Passengers From January-July

Between January and July 2012, Avianca, TACA and subsidiaries transported a total of 12,977,864 passengers on domestic routes (Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and international routes. This represents an increase of 13.4 percent  compared to the same seven-month period in 2011, with passenger numbers rising to 11,446,272. The global Available Seat Kilometers (ASK) capacity increased by 11.7 percent.

In July 2012, AviancaTaca Holding S.A. transported 2,066,936 passengers on flights with Avianca, TACA and subsidiaries. This figure represents an 11.3 percent increase on the number of passengers flown on its routes compared to the same period in 2011 when 1,857,633 were transported. ASK capacity for the month grew by 11.7 percent.

During July, the subsidiaries of AviancaTaca Holding S.A. registered an increase of 20.9 percent in passenger numbers in the domestic markets of Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. A total of 1,162,970 people were transported compared to 961,943 in July 2011. ASK capacity in these markets increased by 28.8 percent.

On international routes, Avianca, TACA and AviancaTaca Holding S.A. subsidiaries registered an increase of 0.9 percent in the number of passengers transported in July, with the total number rising to 903,966. In July 2011 there were 895,690 passengers transported on international routes. ASK capacity in the international market grew by 8.3 percent.