Bangkok is Burning as Red Shirts Surrender

Protesters have set Bangkok ablaze after Red Shirt protesters were forced to surrender May 18, as an army assault stormed their barricades. Five protesters and an Italian news photographer were killed in the assault, reports the Associated Press.

Targeted buildings include the Stock Exchange, several banks, the headquarters of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority, the Central World, state-run Channel 3, and a cinema.

As a result, the government has implemented a 10-hour curfew in Bangkok and 18 other provinces, which began at 8 p.m. local time, the first curfew put in place in 15 years.

Since the violence broke out two months ago, at least 74 have been killed and almost 1,800 injured. At least 45 civilians have died in the violence that began last Thursday.

After May 18's horrific violence, including a blitz of armored vehicles, open fire and grenade attacks, red-shirt leaders turned themselves in, claiming to not want to be the cause of any more unnecessary deaths.

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