Big Chill Offers New Iceland Package


Big Chill Adventures has announced the company’s first “Diamond Circle Tour.” The tour of Iceland includes sightings and exploration of the Northern Lights, lava tubes, volcanic pillars, black sand dunes, stone forests, turf farmhouses, geothermal fields and active volcanoes. This package runs for 6 days, 7 nights and departs on September 20, 2015.

Day 1

Guests will tour the Hallmundarhraun Lava Field and Fljótstunga Farm. Then they will explore the largest lava tube cave in Iceland, Viðgelmir. On the Lava Circle Walk there is the possibility to see migrating whopper swans.

Day 2

Guests will drive to the 3,300 foot tall Tröllakirkja (“Church of the Trolls”) and then will head to the largest saltwater lagoon in Iceland and explore the black sand dunes. 

Day 3

This day, guests will travel to Glaumbær Farm to tour traditional turf farmhouses built in 900 A.D. Then dine in Akureyri, the largest “city” in northern Iceland. Then guests travel to Goðafoss waterfall.

Day 4

While exploring the Northeast side of Iceland, adventurers will travel to the Vesturdalur walking trails and the strange basalt rock formations of Hljóðaklettar, which means “echoing rocks”.

Day 5

Exploring the geothermal field of Hverir with steaming vents, hissing chimneys and bubbling hot pots of mud will be memorable.

Day 6

This day the group will travel to the “Black Castles” of Dimmuborgir, a huge, 2,300 year-old field of twisted volcanic pillars.