Canada's Biggest Waterpark Plans 10 New Waterslides for 2011

Calypso's aquatic complexIn Canada's Limoge, Ontario, Calypso Theme Waterpark will introduce a new aquatic complex with 10 new water slides for the 2011 summer season. The park's $5 million investment will include North America's tallest free-standing water slide tower at 90 feet and will offer park-goers three new types of water slides.

At the top of the 90-foot tower, of the four high-speed water slides, two will accompany four people, single-file in toboggan boats, while the two others will have double tubes. About halfway up the two, at 55 feet, park-goers can go down two AquaLoops slides. Rounding out the new 10, four coiled slides, with see-through and closed-off section, can be taken at 30 feet up the tower.

The Aqualoop waterslides, designed exclusively for Calypso, will begin with watersliders in a closed-off section with a drop floor. At the signal, the floor will open, dropping guests through to a "roller coaster-like" path with a 2.5G loop.

Season passes and gift certificates have been released for the holiday season. Get a glimpse of the AquaLoop on the park's website.