Cayman Islands Becomes First Destination to Implement Solar Panel Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

The Cayman Islands recently became the first destination to approve the national implementation of solar panel charging stations for electric vehicles. Over the next year, U-Go solar panel charging stations will be positioned in key locations across Grand Cayman for convenient access.

Governor’s Square will be the first of 12 locations in Grand Cayman to implement a solar panel charging station. The first prototype station will have two or more parking spaces and is expected to be fully operational by the end of the year. The Caribbean’s first 100 percent electric trucks and vans will also be available for sale later this year, and the eco-friendly Wheego vehicles will shortly be available for rent from select Cayman Islands’ rental car companies.

These solar panel charging stations generate electricity using pollution-free solar cells, thereby reducing the carbon emissions to zero. This new technology further highlights the Cayman Islands’ dedication to the environment and the destination’s ongoing efforts towards nation-wide Green Globe Certification.

According to Premier of the Cayman Islands, McKeeva Bush, “the solar panel charging station is at the forefront of the green movement, and we are proud to be able to implement this innovative technology in the Cayman Islands. As a destination, the Cayman Islands has long recognized the importance of environmentally friendly technologies and we remain dedicated to its conservation efforts, from the Dive 365 program to Green Globe Certification.”



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