Reports Strong Mexico Sales in '13

hawaiiNEW YORK CITY, New York - Travel Agent chatted with Josh Paine, CEO and president, Tuesday and learned that the online travel agency that specializes in such beach destinations as the Caribbean, Mexico and parts of Latin America is setting its sights on Hawaii as well as beach destinations within the U.S. mainland.

Although Paine didn't give us a set time for the planned expansion, he did tell us the company would brainstorm an expansion after all of its current offerings are further improved.

"We are the beach experts, it's what we do," Paine told us. "We want to continue selling and improving what we have now, but we are also aware that there are some great beaches outside of the regions we offer. We are looking at Hawaii, looking at the (mainland) U.S."

The company, whose model is to combine the browsing options of an online agency with the personal service of a brick-and-mortar agency, continues to be on a roll since Paine took over the company in 2008. At that time, the company employed roughly 80 agents and today employs more than 300.

As for some of the hottest destinations this year, Paine says Mexico continues to be both the company's hottest seller and the biggest surprise.

"People are coming back to Mexico this year," Paine says, noting that the Mexico business has comprised of roughly 38 percent of the company's overall business this year, representing an eight percent increase compared to this time last year.

"That fear doesn't appear to be there anymore," Paine says of clients heading to Mexico, noting that Cancun and the Riviera Maya continue to be the hottest Mexico destinations.

As for the Caribbean, Jamaica continues to be the company's top producer while Curacao continues to be the trendiest, Paine says.

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