Circus Circus Las Vegas' New El Loco Roller Coaster to Debut January 2014

el loco roller coaster at circus circus las vegasThe new El Loco roller coaster is set to debut in late January 2014 at The Adventuredome in Circus Circus Las Vegas. 

The final piece of the track will be laid by December 13 and one coaster car is now on display at the indoor theme park. The open-carriage cars, each accommodating only four passengers, are smaller than average, allowing the vehicle to make tighter, faster turns. The coaster’s unusual turns that tilt outward combined with the open cars create an exhilarating sensation.

The roller coaster is the latest in a series of new attractions set to debut in Vegas soon. In the fall of 2014, a new mall modeled on Istanbul's Grand Bazaar will open at the entrance to Bally's Las Vegas. The area will host over 150 shops on more than two acres, along with a variety of food, dining and bar venues. 

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el loco roller coaster at circus circus las vegasAdditionally, 2014 will see a host of new shows and restaurant offerings in the city. Highlights include a 4D theater at Madame Tussaud's, a new champagne bar at Caesars Palace and a new restaurant at M Resort. 

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“As with all our rides, safety is our number one concern,” said Tom Nolan, vice president of operations for The Adventuredome. “El Loco has a number of unique elements that make it a thrill-a-second ride, and this extensive testing process will ensure that every rider has a safe and fun experience.”