Club Med Turkoise Gets New Chief of Village

Thursday night, Club Med hosted a reception at New York's Nikki Beach restaurant to honor the new Chief of Village (otherwise known as a General Manager) of their resort at Turkoise, Turks & Caicos. Barq Guessom only arrived at the resort a week ago, and is still feeling the glow of first love with the property.


"Chief of Village" Barq Guessom details the property to agents

"It looks like a magic village, with the beach and the sea and the beautiful colors," he rhapsodized to Travel Agent when we were able to pull him aside for a quick moment at the reception. "The sand is white...and the water is blue like a blue you've never seen before in your life. You'd think they put some color into it."

The all-inclusive adult-only resort of Turkoise is located in Turks and Caicos, on the northeast of the island of Providenciales, in the Caribbean Sea. The resort specializes in water activities, but Guessom appreciates the mix of sea and land, of day and nightlife.

"You can pass a wonderful day on the beach with the sports, with sailing, windsurfing, water activities all around the village, at the end of the day, you think it's finished," he said. "It's never finished. There's a different activity every night, like the Black Masquerade [a weekly event throughout October] or a party after the dinner."

In November, meanwhile, sports fans will appreciate Beachfest, a month-long celebration of all things sporty (particularly volleyball--perfect for the beach!), with personalized sports coaching and daily sports workshops, tournaments and exhibitions hosted by professionals.

Hailing from Lebanon originally, Guessom has spent 20 years working at Club Med resorts around the world. Before coming to Turkoise, Guessom was stationed in Tunisia, on the island of Djerba. "I can't say what my favorite village is, because every village is great," he said diplomatically. "The themes [and] activities make the difference."