CMH Heli-Skiing Celebrates 50th Anniversary With Renovations

Ski LodgeCMH Heli-Skiing has announced a roll out of renovations for the Winter 2014/2015 ski season, just in time to celebrate their golden anniversary.

Three of the CMH properties - Bugaboos, Gothics and Valemount - will be subject to refurbishment.

Gothics will see its rooms being renovated to a more contemporary look, to match the renovations that took place in its lounge and dining area in 2013. The Valemount location will have its spa and common areas upgraded and The Bugaboo Lodge, which has already seen extensive updates in 2003, will get a new wine cellar, a relocation of the main bar and upgrades to its common area.

The refurbishments will be spearheaded by Skylab Architecture, the Portland based design firm. 

"We strive to design environments that create lasting effects on the natural and built worlds," said Jeff Kovel, AIA, Principal of Skylab Architecture. "CMH properties are based amidst some of the most magnificent surroundings on earth and we look forward to designing areas that are sympathetic to those amazing environments, as well as functional and aesthetically pleasing for their guests."  

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CMH Heli-Skiing operates from December to April and with prices increasing on July 1, 2014.