Cotopaxi Volcano Alert Level Increased to "Yellow" in Ecuador

Cotopaxi National Park in Ecuador // Photo by Urgiles

The 19,350-foot Cotopaxi Volcano located roughly 39 miles south of Quito, Ecuador's capital, has experienced several eruptions since the early hours of August 14, according to the Geophysical Institute at the National Polytechnical University.

According to an official Condor Travel statement, authorities have increased the alert level from "white" to "yellow". Several media outlets have reported some ash fall in the vicinity of the cities located in the immediate area of the Cotopaxi Volcano, as well as in the southern part of Quito. 

Quito’s international airport at the moment remains open and the touristic operation in Quito city is ongoing, but all touristic activities in the Cotopaxi National Park have been cancelled and the National Park will remain closed. 

The institute’s volcanology experts monitor the situation 24 hours-a-day, receiving data generated by instruments installed on the volcano. 

“Our contingency plans are in place in case any measures need to be applied to ensure the safety of our guests,” according to an official Condor Travel statement. “In case individual tours may be affected, we will immediately contact you with the information of the modifications required in your client´s itineraries. We will keep you informed on any new developments.”

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