Cruise the Amazon in Luxury on the M/V Aria


(c) 2011 Adventure Life

The M/V Aria by Adventure Life is the second luxury cruise ship to explore the northern Amazon in Peru.

Designed for a maximum of only 32 guests by Peruvian architect Jordi Puig, the M/V Aria offers an outdoor Jacuzzi, a relaxed lounge, and gourmet cuisine. The ship boasts 16 240 square foot luxury suites with sitting areas and large picture windows for panoramic views of the Amazon River. A menu by Pedro Miguel Schiaffino pairs fresh Peruvian cuisine with South American wines.

Off the ship, guests can experience guided jungle explorations, encounter bald uakari moneys and other wildlife, photograph rare freshwater dolphins, visit Pacaya-Samiria Reserve, visit locals in the village of Puerto Miguel, and explore the depths of the Amazon forest by skiff.

"The M/V Aria offers one of the most intimate Amazon experiences available," said Adventure Life Operations Director Jonathan Brunger. "With a maximum of 32 guests plus crew, this ship provides extremely high-end dining and sleeping accommodations, and phenomenal access to Amazonian wildlife."

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