Despite Protests, Business As Usual in Bangkok

While thousands of anti-government protesters assembled in Thailand's capital to reject a compromise proposal from the embattled prime minister of a referendum on his rule, contacts on the ground in Thailand are reporting that Bangkok and the rest of the country are going about business as usual. Travel industry professionals based in Bangkok say there is no disruption of daily activities.  
Almost 3,000 delegates are currently attending the International Telecommunications Union’s Asia-Pacific summit in Bangkok. Spokesman Sanjay Acharya says that numbers have been only slightly affected and sees this as evidence of a vote of confidence in Thailand’s ability to manage the protests.
A major inbound tour operator based in Bangkok has notified its customers today that it is currently peaceful in Bangkok, reminding travel professionals that protests in Bangkok are not uncommon and are usually carried out in a peaceful atmosphere. None of their guests have asked to leave the country and none have canceled travel plans to Thailand.  

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