Destination Refresher - What's New in Peru

Travel Agent breaks down the latest news and selling points to come out of of Peru.

Peru International Campaign Launches with Hit Reviews

Following the previous campaign, where an ordinary traveler revisits his trip to Peru years and it rekindles his desire to experience Peru; the current campaign invites you to "¡No mires la película, vívela!," or, "Don't just watch the movie, live it!," as quoted by the Minister of Exports and Tourism, José Luis Silva Martinot.

The campaign takes on a similar approach as the previous in that it incorporates film spots catered and altered for each particular market. The campaign also reveals the exhaustive work of archeologist, Bruno Alva, who began work 11 years ago on uncovering and interpreting pre-Hispanic Peruvian iconography originating from ancient civilizations that inhabited Peru.

The slogan, "Peru, Empire of Hidden Treasures" was significant for Alva's investigation in that it gave life to the people of all ancient Peruvian cultures. The slogan has been adopted for the current campaign. The video can be seen at and

Amazon Region Becomes New Natural Wonder of the World

The Amazon Rainforest has official been recognized as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. A new plaque, spanning roughly 75 miles and stating that the Amazon is officially one of the wonders of the world, can now be found in Iquitos, the largest city in the Peruvian rainforest and the capital of the Loreto Region.

New Hotels Developments in Tumbes District

A new Hotel Royal Decameron has opened up in Punta Sal. The Royal Decameron Hotel Punta Sal is located near the southern border of Ecuador, the Zorritos District, and the Region of Tumbes, Peru. The city of Tumbes is a 90-minute flight from the city of Lima.  Decameron Hotels are known for their all-inclusive leisure, business and adventure accommodations. Visit

The arrival of the new Terraza de Bocapan also brings new developments to the Tumbes District. The complex Bocapan Terraces is located near the beach and offers a breakfast. The rooms include Wi-Fi, a garden, views of the sea and a large outdoor swimming pool. Terrazas de Bocapan has a restaurant, a sauna, a fitness center and a game room. Tumbes. Visit

Mistura 2012

Mistura 2012 welcomed more than 600,000 guests from September 7-16 to Lima this year. Mistura is one of the world's biggest gastronomical events and the largest food fair in Latin America. Food, and the people that make it, are respected at all levels of society in Peru, and during the Mistura food festival, Peruvians from all social, age, and gender distinctions gather around pots and cookers to celebrate Peru's traditional cuisine, marvel at the creativity, reaffirm their identity and celebrate cultural diversity. Visit

Famous Peruvian Photographer's First U.S. Exhibitions

Famous Peruvian Photographer, Mario Testino, has captured countless iconic images for prominent fashion magazines such as Vogue and Vanity Fair, and now for the first time ever, the man behind the lens will feature two exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts

On display from October 21, 2012 to February 3, 2013; Mario Testino: In Your Face showcases 122 images evoking great elegance, beauty, style, and contradiction. Mario Testino: British Royal Portraits, is a true homage to the British royal family and photographs he has taken throughout the years and chronicling each generation and their lives. This exhibition will be on display from October 21, 2012- June 16, 2013. Most recently Testino opened his first non-profit association in Barranco, Lima called "MATE", which will act as a platform for Peruvian artistry and hold a permanent exhibition of his work in his homeland.

AmEx Summit Maximizes Peru Exposure

The American Express 2012 Retail Travel Network Learning Forum and National Summit, which took place at the JW Marriot in San Antonio, Texas on October 7, was well attended by agents and destination markets from near and far. There was a significant interest in Peru, and while luggage tags, hats, and other memorabilia were handed out on behalf of PromPeru, many were interested in collateral materials, such as brochures and maps, were hot commodities at the event, most participants were eager to learn more about Peru as a destination. The discussions were rich and fully maximized Peru's presence. Several agents were met with who had completed or in the process of completing the Peru Specialist Program, proving that our efforts to better educate sellers of Peru and its offerings are working well within our favor.



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