Destination Weddings Make Great Vacations

Times are tough. There’s no way around that. You’ve probably already kissed your annual all-inclusive Caribbean vacation, or your usual ski chateau in Tahoe, goodbye. But fear not. Chances are looking good that if friends or family are getting married in the future, their wedding will be a destination one. Resume packing.

Bridal Guide magazine reported on Tuesday that almost 30 percent of readers are planning or considering a destination wedding. This number is higher than the national average of 18 percent. The wedding industry is a billion-dollar one, with $8 billion spent on guest travel and accommodations. For the most part, guests stay at the destination for three nights, but the report shows that 15 percent of guests plan to stay up to six nights. That’s a veritable vacation – and you know it includes at least one free meal.

According to Jeff Hendlin, Associate Publisher, “Attending the wedding of a close friend or family member is seen as an obligation, not an indulgence, so it offers wedding guests a guilt-free opportunity to take a vacation, even if they’ve decided to sacrifice other travel.” He adds, “No one wants to miss the wedding of a loved one. And since many people won’t take another vacation this year, wedding guests will be sure to make the most out of their one chance to get away from it all.”

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